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Construction of kindergartens in Minsk Region

Location of the object: Minsk region
Project initiator: Minsk Regional Executive Commitee

Gist a project

Project involves construction of three kindergartens in Minsk region (Machulischi town, Mikhanovichi agrotown, Senitsa agrotown), operation of the facilities, its maintenance and functional service during the term of the PPP agreement.

Project involves
Construction of the kindergartens in Machulischi town, Mikhanovichi agrotown, Senitsa agrotown (Minsk region) Operation of the facilities, its maintenance and functional service for the entire duration of the PPP agreement 

Estimated PPP model

«Design-Construction-Funding-Operation»After the construction, the private partner is entitled to manage and maintain the facilities during the term of the agreement, after which it is handed over to the public partner.

Preliminary capital expenditure: 13 million USD.  The financial model, sources of financing and return of investment will be determined at the stage of preparing the justification of value for money (best price / performance ratio and quality) within the framework of the feasibility study of the project.

Advantages of PPP for the state

  1. Attracting private resources for the project realization in terms of the lack of budget financing.
  2. Long-term implementation of the project - part of the risks is in the area of private partner's responsibility during the term of the agreement.
  3. Socio-economic feasibility of the project -  decline in the number of children that are in dire need in places in preschool institutions, the creation of new jobs.

Advantages of PPP for business

  1. Stable and long-term return on invested capital.
  2. Enhancement of the company's image.
  3. Building good credit history and growth of the credit rating.

Project presentation

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