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PPP projects in Belarus

Reconstruction of M-10 highway: the border of Russian Federation (Selische) - Gomel - Kobrin, km 109.9 – km 195,15

Reconstruction of 85,25 km section of the M-10 road aimed at improvement of the transport and operational condition of the road section, reducing the number of road accidents, involvement new traffic flows and increase the investment attractiveness of the region and the country as a whole.

Location of the object: Gomel region
Project initiator: The Ministry of transport and communications
Construction of the bypass road in Gomel city (total length - 41.35 km), including construction of the bridge across the Sozh river and five overpasses

The project involves the construction of 5 sections of the Gomel bypass with total length of 41.35 km., construction of five overpasses and one bridge across the Sozh river, functional and technical maintenance of the facility after construction aimed at acceleration, increase, and redirection of the transit traffic through the city of Gomel.

Location of the object: Gomel
Project initiator: Gomel Regional Executive Committee
Construction of Beshenkovichy Hydropower Station (33MW-130 mlnkW·hour)at Zapadnaya Dvina river (Vitebsk Region)

The project involves the construction of a hydroelectric power plant on the Western Dvina River with the installed capacity of 33 MW and projected power generation for the general water level of 130 million KWh

Location of the object: Beshankovichy District, Vitebsk region
Project initiator: Ministry of Energy/Vitebsk Regional Executive Commitee
Reconstruction of complex of buildings of health care facility “City clinical hospital №3″ in Grodno under “Grodno regional clinical Oncology dispensary” (as a separate legal entity)

Проект предполагает реконструкцию существующего комплекса зданий УЗ “Городская клиническая больница №3 г.Гродно”, оснащение современным оборудованием, укрупнение комплекса зданий путём строительства новых объектов, функциональное и техническое обслуживание комплекса.

Location of the object: Grodno
Project initiator: Grodno Regional Executive Commitee
Construction of kindergartens in Minsk Region

Проект предполагает строительство 7 детских дошкольных учреждений в районах Минской области: п. Лесной Минского района, д. Боровляны Минского района, а.г.Сеница Минского района, а.г.Колодищи Минского района, д.Хатежино Минского района, а.г.Михановичи Минского района, г.п.Мачулищи Минского района; эксплуатацию объектов, их техническое и функциональное обслуживание в течение всего срока соглашения о ГЧП.

Location of the object: Minsk region
Project initiator: Minsk Regional Executive Commitee
Design and construction of emergency medical care station on 96 Kuibyshev street, Baranovichi, Brest oblast

Project involves design and construction of the modern and technologically advanced emergency care facilities, taking into account all health and building codes imposed on the objects of this type

Location of the object: Baranovichi, Brest region
Project initiator: Brest Regional Executive Commitee

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