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Fundamental results achieved in PPP, 2017

05.01.2018 PPP in Belarus

2017 was rich in events in the sphere of PPP in the Republic of Belarus. Below you can find the main results of activity for the past year.

Fundamental results achieved in PPP, 2017 (briefly)

1. Legal framework development 

Main amendments to current PPP legislation have been made, including working groups on such amendments. A new draft of PPP law is finalized according to best practical issues in regard to implementation of pilot PPP projects, several adjustments have been made to secondary legislation in infrastructure sector.

2.Preparation of the pilot PPP projects

An appropriate coordination is provided during PPP project preparation stage of such projects as:

“Construction of kindergartens in Minsk Region”,

“Reconstruction of M-10 highway: the border of Russian Federation (Selische) - Gomel - Kobrin, km 109.9 – km 195,15” (feasibility study is prepared), further project preparation stages are in progress.

3.Capacity building in PPP&nbsp

Approximate 7 workshops have been done for governmental officials and specialists in PPP sphere in order to increase people’s potential. Also, in cooperation with EBRD International certification “APMG- Public Private Partnerships Certification Program” has been successfully conducted.More then 350 specialists participated in conducted events.

4. Attracting foreign investors, international financial institutions and others in PPP project preparation

Three image investment events have been performed during 2017, among them:

  • International conference “PPPs in Germany and Belarus: comparative analysis and recommendations”. The conference was organized by the German-Belarusian economic club, international law firm “Arzinger & Partners”, state institution “National Agency of investment and privatization” on September 27, 2017;
  • “Investments in infrastructure” during “Belarus Investment Forum 2017”
  • road show on PPP project “Construction of kindergartens in Minsk Region”, held on September 27, 2017.

5.International cooperation

Legislation improvement as well as other cooperation work has been done within the framework of Expert Group on advisory commission on business in Eurasian Economic Union.On June 7, 2017 in the Republic of Belarus the 6th meeting of Expert Group was held. Also as a result of such cooperation within Eurasian Economic Union, some documents were prepared, among them:

  • Practical guidance for investors;
  • Analytic surveyValue for money assessment for PPP projects in comparison with infrastructure projects in Eurasian Economic Union; (made in cooperation with National PPP Unit of Russian Federation).

6.Further infrastructure development

National Infrastructure Strategy is updated and published in English and Russian versions on PPP website. A draft of ToR on methodology for development of The National Infrastructure Strategy of the Republic of Belarus is developed.


PPP in Belarus - 2017, Overview