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On June 12-15, 2017 training course on «Preparation of secondary legislation on public-private partnership» was conducted


On June 12-15, 2017 PPP unit of the National Agency of Investment and Privatization organized and conducted the training course on ‘Preparation of secondary legislation on public-private partnership’ in the framework of TAIEX instrument.

The Central Project Management Agency (Lithuania) representatives –  Jekaterina Šarmavičienė and Neringa Pažūsiene – were the experts for the entireall educational course.

During the course, the experts shared with the Belarusian colleagues basic nuances and pitfalls they encountered in preparation of PPP projects in Lithuania. The experts emphasized that one of the main factors that should be paid close attention when structuring PPP projects is the correct and balanced allocation of risks between public and private partners. Also the main groups of risks that arise when implementing PPP projects were discussed with the participants of the seminar, as well as the methods for their identification, determining the degree of influence on the project, allocation between the parties on the specific practical examples.

Lithuanian colleagues explained on specific example (construction of the municipal swimming pool) consequences of the incorrect interpretation and transfer of a particular risk for the project. In this very case, the infrastructure object has been largely unusable due to the lack of necessary minimum conditions for it. For example, the swimming pool and changing rooms were located on different floors and in different parts of the building. Another shortcoming of the design  was the inconvenient location of towers for jumping, etc. All of this significantly reduced the anticipated level of demand for such a  facility.

A separate topic for the debate was the tender on selection the private partner. The experts shared experiences in preparation of tender documentation and presented to all the participants standard forms of tender documents. In addition, the main criteria for prequalification of participants, which need to pay close attention to, also were presented.

Special attention during the course was paid to the interpretation of the management system, monitoring and control of project implementation in Lithuania. This issue particularly drew the attention of representatives of law enforcement and regulatory authorities of the Republic of Belarus. Taking into account years of experience, the management system in Lithuania is very structured and clear: all the functions allocated between authorized bodies, which acting in parallel from the beginning of project realization. The system is oriented on good project preparation, accounting and balancing of interests of the participants, preventing the possible delays in project implementation caused by approval procedures.

As for today, the main principle in controlling activity from the state side are openness and transparency of all plans and results of operations, cooperation and goodwill, benefit to the state and controlled entities, consistency in all actions.

All materials in Russian are available on the following link: https://goo.gl/gp6do6.

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