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Functions of the PPP Unit

The main functions of the PPP Unit are:

  • evaluation of proposals for the implementation of PPP projects, including PPP concept in accordance with the requirements of legislation;
  • information, organizational and technical support of Interdepartmental Infrastructure Coordination Council;
  • development and maintenance jointly with the state administrative bodies of the National infrastructure strategy of the Republic of Belarus;
  • advice to government bodies and the private sector regarding PPP and strategic investment for infrastructure development;
  • development of teaching and methodological manuals on infrastructure planning, preparation and implementation of PPP projects;
  • participation in the normative legal base improvement in the sphere of PPP;
  • distribution of relevant and reliable information about the development of PPP in the Republic of Belarus among stakeholders;
  • professional development of government body representatives, organizations and other interested in PPP projects implementation;
  • formation of the PPP projects market in the Republic of Belarus;
  • ensuring the international exchange of experience in PPP development, including participation in expert working groups on PPP.